Little League Baseball 2018

This spring, the Roosevelt Island Center of Community Development will host our third year of island wide little league. The league will include 3 different age groups; minors (5-6), majors (7-9yrs old) and seniors (10-13yrs old), with the intent of expanding to other age groups in the coming years.  Children and their parents can expect a well-planned, 10 game season.  In addition, the RICCD little league will include an opening day parade, a pre-season parent's gathering, an all-star game, and the league will finish strong with a playoff and little league championship game.  In addition, the league has focused on recruiting high character parents, young professionals, and others leaders from the community who are ready to invest much of their spring into launching this new neighborhood little-league. Cost is $60 per child with the ability to receive a full scholarship for free play based on need.

Registration Steps

  1. Fill out online form (below)
  2. (or)Print out Registration Form | Mail to 40 River Road #14L, NY NY 10044 or drop at 40 River Road front desk.  (Click here for registration form.)
  3. Scholarship Form | Print out scholarship form and mail to Roosevelt Island Center Of Community Development PO Box 350 NY NY 10044, or drop at 40 River Road Front desk.  (Click here for scholarship form.)
  4. Payment- Once the form is submitted you will finalize the registration process by payment via PayPal.  At this point we encourage you to sponsor an additional child from the neighborhood, giving them the opportunity to play little league ball as well.
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After you have submitted forms for each player, please continue on to PayPal to finalize your registration. We also invite you to conisder sponsoring another neighborhood child to ensure all Island youth have access to community building programs.